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Sacred Moments at Sanibel Island

Beach vacations are full of sacred moments and memories for us. We love to travel, and as a family we ended the year with a Sanibel Beach vacation. As newlyweds, we visited the island many years ago. We loved the look of the island, because it had a very laid-back, non-commercial feel. There are no high rises on the island and no neon anything. Signs for every business were made of carved wood and fresh paint, giving everything a natural and simple look. A perfect fit for our end of the year getaway.

We played…

Searched for shells…

Made sand bombs…

We were silly and spontaneous…

Ate lots of ice cream at Pinocchios (this isn’t unusual-we eat a lot at home too)…

Saw the natural beauty of God’s creation on the Sanibel Thriller

Had a taste of home…Go Broncos!

We were together…

Sanibel Island is one of the best spots for a destination wedding, honeymoon or beach vacation in Florida. If you are hoping for sacred moments on the beach for your wedding, Sanibel (or its higher-budget twin, Captiva) is worth considering. The incredible shelling and sandy beaches draw you to the water morning, noon and night. The slower pace is a refreshing break from the high-energy “strip” destinations found elsewhere, but there are still great dining and shopping spots for any budget.

For the last couple of years, I (Jenni) have chosen one word that I want to focus on for the incoming new year. Joy was my word for 2013. It was a great word. Our vacation can only be described as a complete joy. My word for 2014 is ‘engage.’ I can’t wait to see what our year will look like. I’m already thinking about where are next adventure will be. Where are some places that you’ve been or would like to go to experience sacred moments?

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