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Amazing Race

We’ve watched the Amazing Race for years. We have wanted to race around the world since the first episode we ever watched. We’ve lived and traveled all over the world. Bart speaks a little Turkish, German, and French. I know some French. We both lean on the competitive side and love experiencing new cultures. Honestly, any couple who is sleep deprived, competing for a million dollars, and doing crazy things in another country is bound to make for some good TV. Some pairs more so than others. Trust me, when Bart gets in his go, go, go mode and I don’t agree or feel hesitant, my heels (not the 4 inch kind-I like to wear flats) dig in and it is not pretty. Even with the likelihood of a little drama between us, I think we would make a great team and would have an absolute blast.

They had casting calls in Denver last week, so we finally gave it a go. When we arrived we found this lovely sign(Casting Call Closed) taped to a ‘trash can’. This didn’t deter us. I got in line anyway and Bart went to find and talk to the person who was in charge. Walla-he came back with a form and we got a shot.

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We had to wait for 5 hours in line, but then we got our 1 minute in front of the camera. It was a fun day of conversations with the people around us, time together, and figuring out our 1 minute plan. We’ll see if we get a call back. If not, we’ll chalk it up as a great day date and experience. What would you say with one minute in front of the camera?

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